Half-Way Through Summer Session I

Five weeks into my first summer session of grad school, my life is a whirlwind. With the semester only being 10 weeks long, everything is compacted. Currently I am working on 2 midterms, a research proposal (not a real one, just a sample for class!) and working with an APD client. Since I have been stressed out (with ample zits to prove it) I decided to take some time to be creative and start a blog. With my current abundant desire for creativity, I also spent way too much time creating a 2-step direction game (for auditory comprehension) that would keep my client motivated. Here’s the link to it: 2 Step Directions Game. If you happen to download it, I apologize for the imperfections and blank pages. This was my first time creating a game, and I need to learn how to use technology better. In my next post I will let you all know how well it works!

While blogging is currently helping me relax, I wanted to provide some other links that might help all you other SPAA students calm down.

For the exercise guru: Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar. While  I not so silently curse Cassie as she leads me through these workouts, they are great short videos to help get some blood flowing.

For the avid reader:5 minutes reads. While some of these reads are what I call lofty, they are a great way to momentarily forget about all your homework.

For the person who loves Buzzfeed as much as I do:What Baby Animal Are You? While I know these quizzes are arbitrary, I still take about every third one I see.

I hope these help anyone else who is as stressed out as I am! If you have any other advice let me know.


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Hi. I am a first year speech pathology grad student. I wanted to start blogging to help keep me sane through all my schooling. If when you're going through my blog if you see any info that you think is wrong, just let me know (with helpful constructive criticism)! I am a student, so I might make mistakes, but I will do my best to fix them.

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